Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gastronomy in Madrid: The Fast

Ferran Adrià is widely regarded as one of Spain's most influential chefs. His cuisine is marked by startling combinations of texture, temperature and taste. Foodies in the know are familiar with Adrià and his culinary accomplishments and hundreds flock each year to the isolated village of Rosas, on Spain's Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, to experience Adrià's El Bulli. Reservations must be made a year in advance and the restaurant is only open six months of the year--how is that for an example of supply and demand!

In addition to El Bulli, Adrià consults on a number of projects throughout Spain, including a fast food concept with the NH Hotel chain. Fast Good is more or less a gourmet fast food establishment, serving up quality burgers and take-away eats in a setting of plastic designer furniture. The menu features a variety of hot and cold foods, including pre-made sandwiches, paninis, fresh salads, juices, as well as the signature menu item, the burger.

I try my hand at the Good Burger--a gourmet burger set on a toasted bun with aioli and a bed of arugula served with a side of French fries. I also sampled a few of the cold take-away items: a chicken curry mini-sandwich and a bottle of freshly made, tangy gazpacho--served in a plastic juice container.

Who says fast food can't be gourmet? McDonald's eat your heart out!

Fast Good
Calle Padre Damián, 23
(In the NH Eurobuilding Hotel, Metro-Cuzco)
+34 91 343 06 55
Madrid, Spain

Average price from 9 to 18 euros

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