Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Think Pink

Ahhhhhh....what a day. After a hair-raising day of meetings, phone calls and just the general bull that goes on in a typical day, I am now settling down with a glass of wine for the evening.

It is blistering here today...roughly 90 degrees with a humidity level that causes one to break a sweat upon stepping outside.

What better than a glass of the pink stuff to end the day!

No...I am not referring to kool-aid kids, but a nice adult-sized glass of rose from the Cotes de Provence in France. And IS pink. Actually it looks more like a pinky-peachy color to me.

I know what you are all wine...ugh...sounds like White Zinfandel and must be sickly sweet--something like granny would drink. Not so...not all pink wines are sweet, in fact, most are not. Trust me on is IN!

A traditional rose,wine made from red grapes, but treated like a white wine, gets its pink color from a short maceration on the skins before fermentation. Rose wines are dry and full of fresh strawberry and raspberry like fruit flavors and lip-smacking acidity to boot. The perfect companion to a hot summer day.

This particular rose is from Domaine Ott in Southern France, the Cotes de Provence AOC to be exact. Frest and fruity on the nose with a touch of flowers on the palate. It goes down smooth...and goes down quickly. I better watch out or else I might finish the entire bottle.

By the way...check out the interestingly shaped bottle this little ditty comes in:

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