Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chilean Wine is Hot

Did you see the Food section of the Post this week? Michael Franz writes about Chilean wine and he couldn't be more dead on with the quality and selections coming from one of South America's most intriguing wine producing nations. Here is the link to the article:Chile is Hot

Earlier in the week, I had a chance to taste one of the selections from Franz's article: the 2004 Sauvignon Gris from CousiƱo-Macul. I had been searching for this wine since Food and Wine Magazine did a short blurb on it back in June. I was finally able to secure a case of the stuff from Total Wine and split the bottles with Jennifer from my office.

The Sauvignon Gris grape is apparently quite rare and I have not been able to find a whole lot of information on it...not even in Jancis Robinson's book Vines, Grapes and Wines. Hailing orginally from the Graves district of Bordeaux, the Sauvignon Gris grapes have a darker skin than its cousin, Sauvignon Blanc.

While the wines made from both grapes exhibit racing acidity and crisp fruit, Sauvignon Gris has marked citrus-fruit notes, especially oranges, and a somewhat oily texture. Medium bodied, this wine can stand up to richer foods or stand alone as a perfect summer sipper.

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