Monday, May 09, 2005

Wine of the Week

Sorry for the delay in posting new material. It has been a little crazy here but I have some great notes I will post soon on a Wines of Chile tasting I attended last week.

To continue with the "wine of the week" theme, I chose an exquisite white perfect for spring or summer sipping on the veranda or whatever you might have that resembles a veranda, even if it is the back of a pick-up truck. Ok, maybe not a pick-truck, that would be a little redneck.

Palma Real Rueda 2004

I picked up this wine at Total Wine in Alexandria after searching high and low for the other Rueda wine I posted on previously, which I have not located as of yet (Valdelainos 2004). This is a good stand-in though--with aromas of fresh grass and cirtus, followed by crisp acidity on the palate. A great wine to sip while sitting out on a nice warm spring or summer day. Also an excellent bargain at 9.99. I believe its a blend of Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. It pairs nicely with seafood and salads.

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