Monday, May 02, 2005

Wine of the Week

After many requests, I have decided to post a blurb on a wine of the week. Sure...I taste quite a few wines every week and most of the wines I savor are worthy of being noted; however, some do not make the cut. Chalk it up to lazy restauranteurs pouring boring wines by the glass just to make a profit.

So here goes:

2003 Barboursville Sauvignon Blanc

So where is this exquisite wine from? None other than right here in Virginia, near Charlottesville to be exact. There must be something in the terroir down there that allows the Sauvignon Blanc grape to flourish or maybe it's the winemaker. Regardless, this wine exhibits notes of pungent, tropical fruit on the nose with a hint of herbaceousness. Clean and crisp on the palate, with lemon and piercing acidity. I think the acidity levels were quite high for the 2003 harvest due to the cooler summer and also the hurricane that blew through in mid-September '03. Pair this beauty with fish dishes, salads, and lighter preparations of white meat. Zing!!!!!


Phil said...

Nice work Andrew!

Seth said...

Andrew, this is a great idea! Keep it up.