Sunday, January 07, 2007

La Tienda del Vino de Jaleo Crystal City

Finally had a chance to peruse the wares at Jose Andres' Wine Shop at Jaleo Crystal City restaurant. The shop specializes in only Spanish wines and has a great collection to boot. I was most interested in the 1+1=3 Xarel-lo from the Penedès region. I greedily snatched up the last two bottles on the shelf (I am sure there are more) and rushed home to crack one with dinner.

1+1=3 Xarel-lo 2001, Penedès, Spain--Made from one of the native Spanish grapes used in Cava. Gold-hued with lush aromas of pineapple, honey and almond, smooth and creamy on the palate. A Very distinctive wine. Lingering nutty finish. Retail: $20

Pick up a bottle at:

Jaleo Crystal City
2250A Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA
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jessica said...

Hey I love your blog. I'm curious about honey wines. What do you think are the best foods to pair with this sweet drink? I just watched a great video on honey wines, and I was wondering if you recommend any specific brands. Check out the video too, it's pretty cool:

Andrew said...

Hey. Im not that familiar with honey wines or mead as they are called. For pairing sweet wines and foods, you want to keep in mind that the sweetness in both the wine and food should be about equal or else the pairing will be off balance. Look for desserts that have honey or honeyed flavors. Those will definitely work the best!