Thursday, June 23, 2005

Post-Robert Parker Sampling from OZ

This afternoon I was invited to sample some of Australia's finest during a post-Robert Parker tasting of wines imported by Old Bridge Cellars. What a treat! Earlier in the day, Parker tasted the wines near Baltimore and what was left was brought down to DC.

The soiree was held in the DC office of Winebow, American's leading importer of Italian wines and a distributor of fine wines from around the world.

The tasting was comprised of wines from Leeuwin Estate, Penley Estate, Zonte's Footstep, d'Arenberg, and more.

I was most impressed with the fresh whites from d'Arenberg, especially the Hermit Crab Viognier/Marsanne and the Money Spider Roussanne. Both exhibited tropical and floral notes with lip-smacking acidity.

I even tried my hand at the Aussie 'stickies' from Chambers Rosewood. The Rare Muscadelle, which retails for $300 for a 375 ml bottle was one of the most intense dessert style wines I've tasted to date. Rich, intense notes of caramel, burnt toffee, coffee and butterscotch--definitely a treat on its own.

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